About Leather Italia

Our Story

Founded in 1989, Leather Italia is a division of Calia Maddelena Group, a pioneer in the field of leather sofa distribution in Italy. Jacob Malhasian the founder of Calia Maddalena began his operation in a small 1200 sq. office with just 3 employees; Nicola, Antonio and Peppino. From its humble beginning the company gradually grew as its quality and sheer commitment to provide ultimate customer satisfaction successfully managed to make a special place in its client’s hearts. Even when, in the later years, the Italian Sofa market boomed with much higher demand and subsequently more leather sofa factories and distributors, Calia Maddalna soared and became an industry leader, exporting more than 8600 sofas per year and supplying the Italian Market with 4000 sofas on yearly basis. Today Calia Maddalena is one of the leading leather sofa manufacturer and producer in Europe with branches in Italy, France, UK and Israel, with the same promise of quality and service for all their valued clients.

Our Branches
- Italy: Giacobbe Salotti, Salottificio Italiano, Salon Center and Divani per Tutti.
- France: Cuir Pour Tour Sarl, Canapés Cuir Italiens Sarl,
- UK: Sofaland Inc
- Israel: Calia Maddalena Israel Ltd.

All our sofas are produced in Altamura (BA) in Southern Italy by people who have tons of experience in producing exquisite leather sofas. All the raw material is exclusively supplied by Italian producer. The leather coverings and different categories of quality are strictly cured and tanned in Nothern Italy, in Arzigano and Vicenza, thus keeping up with the promise of highest quality and supreme product and making sure that our clients get the true Leather Italia experience without having to go through any unwanted trouble. So seize this unique opportunity and enjoy the beauty and elegance of Leather Sofas in your own living with Leather Italia.