Leather Sofa Collection

Excellent leather sofa very modern and very avant-garde. Due to his special design, it has a fantastic, futuristic and attractive look
An astounding and stunning corner sofa with reclinable backrests simply perfect for large family gatherings we all love so much.
Bringing a big dose of class and elegance in your living room, the America is not only large but also unbelievably comfortable with smooth seat, back pillows and armrests.
With large soft seats, high comfy backs and a very modern design, Anthea gives off this grand look that will simply light up your room.
Large and comfortable, Arena is a strong yet extremely elegant model ideal for all kinds of uses.
Excellent Italian leather sofa with futuristic design and elegant style
Looking for something BIG and comfy? Atlantis, with all its style and comfort, is an absolute optimum choice for large office spaces or even large homes.
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Excellent Italian Leather Sofa , with smart combination between wooden frame , seat comfort and functionality
A work of excellence and pure beauty, the Barmen offers an exquisite design with soft and wide seats.
Excellent leather bed, with headbord decorated in quilt with buttons . Border of bed has stainless steel finish , very elegant and stylized . It’s available also in satin version
Original Italian leather sofa , with stainless steel ornament on arm
A new member of our sofa collection, Bilbao, with all its grace and beauty, has become a fan favorite in no time.
One of our top sellers, Boston is an excellent leather sofa with a classical look that just can’t stay unnoticed.
Brooklyn’s unique style, attractive look and sheer comfort has made it one of the most demanded sofa in the market. An excellent choice for all purposes.
A piece of art, the Cartier is a classical sofa designed to make your living room to reflect beauty and class. An optimal choice for traditional and high class decor.
The Casablanca is a corner sofa with modern and attractive designs and low backs. It’s comfortable, it’s classy and it’s perfect for all sort of uses.
A classic member of our collection, the Chesterfield is a blend of modern design with traditional taste.
Another popular corner sofa, Chicago offers adjustable backrests comfortable seats and the type of classy look that is just to die for.
The Copperfield is an original large sofa with neo-classical line which reflects sheer elegance and much class.
Looking for something for the whole family? The Corazon is both a very stylish and a very wise choice!
Dolby is beautiful, Dolby is large and Dolby is comfortable. This beautiful classic is perfect if you want that elegant classy look in your environment.
Donna is a very popular corner sofa which simply bleeds beauty and simplicity. The clean design and the comfortable seats have made it an optimal choice for many
A blast from the future, the Duplex sofa is simply the best in modern design and comfort. This unique sofa is truly magnificent and elegant.
Elisa is the perfectly comfy and stylish couch that would provide you with comfort, class and pure satisfaction.
Excellent leather sofa with foldable headrests and stylish stainless steel basement ...It’s a jewel of design
Forma is a corner sofa which is simply beautiful and not to mention elegant making it an optimal choice for limited spaces and smaller rooms.
Homelnad is the one of most comfortable and soft leather sofa of our collection
This simple yet modern design corner sofa is an optimal choice for individuals looking for something tempting and classy to add to their home.
Very comfortable , very smooth and very soft : are principal features of Houston Italian Letaher sofa
Ibiza is simply a beautifully crafted leather sofa with adjustable backrests and a stunning yet classy design.
An excellent wide corner sofa suit with large seats and foldable backrests; truly an ideal choice for much open spaces.
The king is an amazing corner sofa with exquisite design, comfortable large and deep seats. You want class and lots of room? You get the King!
One of our best sellers, Lady offers a very comfortable and admirable design that will instantly become your living rooms highlight.
Excellent leather bed with large backrest and 2 side table ( included in price ) . Orthopedic mattress + orthopedic support meccansim with wooden slats are also included in price
Lolita will match easily with all kind of modern decoration
Manhattan is the unic style we sell since 14 years all over the world with big success
Mobydick is the big and bulky leather beauty that will all love so much. The sofa is both comfortable and stylish making it perfect for all kind of uses.
Molly offers a unique yet very modern design which is simply remarkable. The special designed stiches over all the sofa are in contrast giving it a very classy look!
Hudge , beautifull ,neo-classic and stylish leather sofa combined with wooden frame and wooden feet .
Excellent sofa for your home theater, or to spent time with family
Beatifull Italian leather sofa with special neo classic design combined with an attentive modern look, and completed with that old traditionnal taste
Nerone is one of our most admired and most popular sofas. The sofa offers utter comfort and a elegant look that you just can’t get enough of.
Nicola is another big and comfy sofa in our collection which offers a very modern and elegant design making it quite popular among individuals looking for a comfortable place to crash.
Nirvana is a very modern sofa which offers a unique 2 color design which is adored by many.
Oscar Senior
Oscar is large yet very modern with the type of design that fills up your lounge with sophistication and class.
Panama is the perfect sofa for utter relaxation. It is comfortable, it is stylish, it is simply a reflection of perfection.
The Princess is a very nice and comfortable corner sofa that offers more than a touch of modernity to house.
Puglia offers an exquisite design and a contemporary look making it highly popular in hotels and big hall decorations.
Three adjustable backrests, big chaise-long, stainless steel feet: The Reason not only simply promises to give you comfort and also has the potential to do it.
Roma Senior
Roma is a beautiful sofa with clean line design; comfortable reclinable backs and a deep seat. Just an amazingly comfortable sofa out there.
This leather sofa with its smooth seats and big comfy arms offers perfect relaxation with the latest and most modern design in the market.
With dedicate design and comfortable seats, the Santamaria will give you the comfort of a home theater sofa suit. And even more!
Santo is a favorite among people who like it simple. The sofa offers a classy and simple design with much comfort and grace.
Slalom is a couch which offers pillows to slide on seat cushions in order to have a deeper seat. Amazing design with much comfort to offer.
Spazio is another optimal choice. The wide sofa offers great design and delicate finishes ultimately offering super comfort and commodity.
The Stargate is a one and only design which you will not find in any other sofa retail shop in the world. It is beautiful, it is classy and it is very comfortable.
Torino’s premium looks and exquisite design has made it one of our best sellers. The sofa is exceptionally well designed and ideal for public spaces.
Splendid Italian Leather sofa with armonious round forms , and soft and smooth pillows to complete the comfort and functionality
Vindovs is a modern and stylish leather sofa which has proven to be an excellent choice of adding a touch of class and elegance in leaving room.
Luxurt Leather Bed with 2 adjustable backrests
Volkan is more comfortable and restful than a number of other sofas you will find in the market; a nice soft seat and a brilliant design makes it an even more likable choice.
Voyager not only offers a remarkable and unique design, but it also offers comfort like no other sofa in the market.
Another beautiful sofa in our collection, the Wind is made entirely of goose feathers which makes it extremely comfortable and relaxing all around the clock.