Every sofa that you order from Leather Italia ( CALIA Maddalena Group ) is manufactured and delivered directly from our factory in Altamura Italy.

Quality at its purest!

leather Italia is a leading sofa manufacturer with a type of service that is unique in every possible way. At leather Italia, we highly believe in supreme quality delivery, and are willing to go as far as providing our sofas directly to our customers. That's right! Every sofa that you order at Leather Italia come directly from our manufacturing factory in Altamura and is delivered directly in your very living room! No more do you have to worry about the various complications and extra costs that get attached when a third party gets involved in the delivery process. At Leather Italia, you will get your product directly at your footsteps, courtesy of our highly experienced and extremely skilled staff.

“Our excellence is not an act, it’s a habit” - Aristotle Who are we?
Leather Italia is a leading producer and distributor of leather sofas in Italy. We produce extremely high-end leather sofas crafted with brilliancy by professional individuals and skilled experts. Leather Italia offers a huge and ever-growing catalog of genuine Italian Leather Sofas made of the finest and purest resources and molded into perfection by talented and skilled individuals. The collection is truly startling and not to mention packed with such variety that anyone with any type of taste and preference would find it a perfect place to fulfill their desires and truly enjoy the beauty and comfort of the world leather sofas.

So what do we mean by that exactly?
Our huge sofa collection compromises of 4 different leather grades which are High Quality, Crocodile Leather, Old Style Savage Leather, and Primo Fiore Leather. From high quality daily-family-use type to ultra high-end custom sofas, Leather Italia has it all. There are also hundreds of different color forms to choose from so you can be sure you will get what you want. Still if you don’t exactly find what you want, Leather Italia provides you with the unique opportunity to order a custom sofa. This means that you are free to provide any size, color and design for your leather sofa and sure enough we will build you your perfect sofa with the same precision and the same promise of quality. One way or another you will be going home with the sofa that perfectly suits you because at Leather Italia, there is no room for compromising on customer satisfaction and product quality.

The quality of the sofas at Leather Italia is unrivaled. From cutting the leather to stitching by masters of their trade, all the sofas are completely hand made. With an experience of almost 20 years, Leather Italia has mastered the art of creating exquisite leather sofas which bleed beauty and awe. All sofas are made in Italy and are then directly delivered to our valued customers. We, at Leather Italia, highly priorities customer satisfaction and are willing to go to great lengths to make sure that our customers are satisfied and happy with our services. Our team is highly dedicated to providing their best to our customers in every way possible. Additionally we have highly stressed the importance of customer support in our business model and have made sure that whenever our customer tries to contact us via phone or via email, they would get an instantaneous reply from our organization. It is this level of trust that has separated our firm from hundreds of others in the eyes of our prospects and have made our clients an integrated part of our business family.

Our quality services and premium customer relationships have made our brand stand out in our target demographic. We strive to set new benchmarks in quality and believe in being there always for our clients.

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